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Brian P Austin TX

Brian P Austin, TX


American Shaman, Book One: An illustrated e novel about courage and the Three Trials.

  American Shaman, Book One: an adventure, a romance, a killer story

An Adventure
Geser must undertake his final trial to become a full shaman. The most powerful shaman is the one brought closest to death by the Three Trials.

A Magic
Only the shaman can journey to Spirit Ground, confront the spirits and not become their agent, then return to Human Ground.  Only the shaman can heal.

Staring down the acrid ass-end of a shotgun, Geser must decide whether to be a Black Shaman or a White Shaman.

Writer Brian Prioleau in his neighborhood in south AustinAuthor Brian Prioleau

Truly mythological, realistically magical, visually seductive

American Shaman, Book One is an illustrated enovel about a young hero discovering the source of his own strength: the power to heal. The shaman trainee Geser, named after the first shaman, finds himself in contemporary Texas when he is called to his third and final trial to become a full shaman -- the Trial of the Spirit.

American Shaman, Book One uses the world's first hero myth to tell of a timeless battle between good and evil, and of one person's choices, joys and losses. The ancient myths and the contemporary come together because it has always been true: a shaman becomes a hero by learning the stories, the discipline and the perserverance of his predecessors and making them his own.

It is a tight read and it uses imaginative graphics, from ten millenia ago and last summer, to tell the tale of a unique quest. I had the privilege of working with Jim Siergey, an illustrator with a national reputation, and he helped me conceptualize Spirit Ground with terrific four-color illustrations in a graphic style. His incidental sketches were witty and visually compelling too. Put alongside ancient Shaman drum paintings, Siergey's drawings created a dialog between the ancient and modern that was unexpected yet very much the point.

American Shaman, Book One is the book that doesn't feel like a book.


The visuals are half the story! some of the graphics from th eillustrated enovel "American Shaman, Book One"

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